playlist “tutta un’altra musica”

Luigi Tenco

Lontano lontano (1966)

Luigi Tenco

Ciao amore, ciao (1967)

Luigi Tenco

Mi sono innamorato di te (1962)

Jimi Hendrix

Are you experienced? (1967)

The Who

My generation (1965)

Jimi Hendrix

Foxy Lady (1967)

Tim Buckley

Hallucinations (1967)

Ben E. King

Stand by me (1961)

Jefferson Airplane

Somebody to love (1967)

Elvis Presley

Blue moon (1956)

The Beatles

Tomorrow never knows (1966)

David Bowie

Silly Boy Blue (1967)

Francesco Guccini

In morte di S.F. (1967)

Bob Dylan

I want you (1966)

13th Floor Elevators

You’re gonna miss me (1966)

The Beatles

Lucy in the sky with diamonds (1967)

Pink Floyd

See Emily play (1967)

The Rolling Stones

She’s a rainbow (1967)

Buffalo Springfield

Mr. Soul (1967)

Grateful Dead

Cold, rain and snow (1967)


Sunshine of your love (1967)

The Velvet underground

Venus in furs (1967)

Big Brother & The Holding Company

Intruder (1967)

Jerry Lee lewis

Great Balls of fire (1957)

Jimi Hendrix

Red House (1967)

The Doors

The End (1967)